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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

Newsletter January 2012

Little Miracle when we found her
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First can we start by saying a big Happy New Year to all our readers and supporters from the whole team at the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre and also apologise for not getting a bulletin to you in December. It was all go and busy, busy, busy throughout the month with the Christmas Carol Service that led to the arrival of 3 little kittens and Dexter and Sue and Rod were busy preparing to jet over to America to meet with Molly the Pony.

Rod and Sue Weeding
Molly the Pony

Sue with Molly and KayeSue and Rod made an emotional trip over Christmas to Louisiana to meet with Molly the Pony, her owners Kaye and Glenn and Dwayne Mara, the man who has made both Molly's and Faith's prosthetic leg. The trip was a road of discovery and information helping them plan the future for Faith. “It was so important for us to learn from them and has helped shaped our vision and we have seen the long term outcome and reassured us in every way. We learnt so much from the visit. Molly had her amputation 6 years ago and she has her artificial leg on for around 5hours a day telling her owner when she wants it on! She's learnt to still get around with 3 legs and that is why we went to Louisiana to see how Molly was coping.” Explains Sue. Her injuries and situation was almost identical to Faith and months and months of correspondence with Kaye and Molly's veterinary team was crucial to the survival of Faith and made the visit a very emotional one for Sue and Rod. They presented Dwayne Mara with new and up to date measurements of Faith so he can work on making her second prosthetic leg that will allow her to bend her leg as Molly can.

They also happily presented Molly with around 30 Christmas cards that they received through their Christmas Card Campaign with thoughts and wishes from children and adults across the Costa Blanca. They even had a Liverpool football scarf donated which they also took. As Liverpool's slogan is 'you'll never walk alone' it was very apt for Molly!

The trip has resulted in an even closer bond between Easy Horse Care and Kaye's centre in America and the two intend to work together in the future and help promote and raise awareness for each other so watch this space!


FaithBefore travelling to America, Easy Horse Care's Sue and Rod went up to Barcelona to meet wiht Faith who is currently back there with her surgical team and is having a fantastic time wandering around the paddocks and is loved and adored by everyone there!

She is preparing for the second part of her surgery as the team look at ways of improving her comfort when using the artificial leg and to help reduce the pressure points she has when she wears the leg for long periods. There are two potential options being looked at by Faith's vet Gasper including one which could be a world's first if it goes ahead! Once the surgery has been carried out and Faith is well on the mend she will arrive home in Rojales but that will be some months away yet.

Christmas Support at Iceland

Thanks to IcelandThroughout the year of 2011 Iceland has been extremely supportive by allowing some of our team members to visit the stores in Torrevieja and La Marina to pack bags and raise awareness. Particularly during the festive season when our volunteers worked hard to pack customers’ bags and to generate the vital donations which allowed the Centre to keep running this Christmas. This was also the perfect way to tell new people about the work we do and to spread the word!

Following the fantastic result of the visits to Iceland we would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff for welcoming our volunteers and for giving us the wonderful opportunities throughout the year!

Napoleon's New Lease of Life

Owned by gypsies in Almoradi and found tied to trees along with fellow rescues Nelson, Jake and Sophia, with no food, no water and no shelter, miniature horse Napoleon was in a malnourished state.

Around ten years old, Napoleon’s previous gypsy owners had tied him to a cart and, if he didn’t gallop as fast as they wanted him to, they would bash him over the head with a lump of wood.

Following his rescue on 10th October 2010 Napoleon is now hardly recognisable; he is a handsome, healthy little horse and has a real character. After giving him the time to get his weight up, get used to his new, loving home, and to make friends in his paddock, volunteers Brad and Katrina decided that he had a lot of potential for a miniature horse! As a result, the two have spent occasions having a lot of fun with Napoleon, lungeing him and even taking him over a few small jumps; the best thing is he loves it! The young lad is really in his element as he is seen trotting steadily around the school and gracefully popping over jumps like he’s done it all a million times.

Watching Napoleon really shows how the horses we rescue gain a new lease of life, and how much he enjoys a little light work compared to the harsh lifestyle he suffered before.
Visit our Facebook page to see a videos of Napoleon having fun in the sun!

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