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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

2011 Arrest made

Youth arrested for mistreating horses

A 19-year-old youth has been arrested for mistreating animals following the discovery of two horses in horrific conditions in a barn in Daya Vieja.

Seprona (El Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza de la Guardia Civil) has been investigating the case since the horses were rescued by Easy Horse Care volunteers on June 20th.

The two horses, later named Captain and Hope, were little more than skeletons when they were discovered locked in the barn without food or water. Fearing that they would not survive much longer, rescue centre
supporters bought the horses in order to save their lives. Although we have a policy of not paying for mistreated horses, in this case the urgency of the situation meant that there was no choice.


Seprona officers visited the centre a few days later to gather evidence about the case. They were also investigating the death of a donkey close to the barn on December 6th last year. Easy Horse Care
volunteers and local residents had tried to save the donkey, which had been left tethered and alone, despite being in need of urgent veterinary attention.

The case will now be referred to the courts.

Pictures show Captain and Hope in the barn where they were found, and the attempted rescue of the donkey (that we also called Hope).







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