Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

January/February newsletter: The new year brings new equines...

We're well and truly in the thick of another busy year at our rescue centre. Last month we rescued a new donkey named Coco and a fortnight ago two new mares came into our care, after a joint rescue with local and national police. The older mare is in terrible condition; she's been completely destroyed and we're watching her closely during this critical recovery period. The younger mare is in better condition, as we believe she was still suckling milk and is only about one year old.

The veterinary bills for these new rescues are already starting to climb – and we'd like to ask for your help. By sponsoring a horse for as little as €5 a month, you'll directly help us bring this trio back to good health. Meanwhile, we will continue to find a way to move forward with the police so we can continue to take these animals despite the financial impact.

We often get asked why we don't rehome more equines. But many horses placed in our care by the court system are actually not ours to rehome. We are simply their legal custodians, and many other rescue centres won't take them for that reason. We choose to work with police despite knowing it could be years before they are cleared for rehoming – if ever.

We do try to adopt out every horse that is legally ours, and who is in good enough condition to rehome (you can meet them here). But sadly, not many people want horses who can't be ridden or who have health problems. 

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