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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

Faiths Diary now available in paperback

FAITH - "Diary of a Heroic Horse" Paperback Edition Add to cart

Much has been written in the popular English and European newspapers here in Spain over the last two years about Faith, the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre's now famous three legged pony.

Faith's remarkable story up until now has only been available on Amazon as an
e-book but now it has been printed in high quality paperback form after many requests from people by telephone, email and the large number of visitors to the centre's Sunday open days.

The inspiration to save Faith from certain death came from a pony called Molly who was saved along with many other animals after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans a few years ago. She too had horrendous injuries which resulted in the amputation of one of her legs and pioneering surgery to fit successfully a prosthetic limb.

Sue contacted Gasper Castelijns, a highly qualified and respected equine surgeon based in Barcelona, who, it transpired knew Rustin Moore the surgeon in Louisiana who had operated on Molly. Gasper and Rustin collaborated together and the result was that Faith became the first pony in Spain to be fitted with a prosthetic leg.

1Faith currently is residing in Equihealth's new state of the art equine hospital in Granollers in the countryside outside Barcelona where there are also several competition horses on holiday turned out in grass paddocks.

Gasper and his team which includes Rachel the equine nurse and Claudio one of the partners suggested that she should stay with them longer at their clinic because of the high temperatures in the summer months. Because of the heat Faith need more attention to make sure she is comfortable on her prosthetic leg.
Sue and Rod have happily agreed that Faith should stay with them for the foreseeable future. As this will also give them the time to finish off Faith's new stable and the access into her garden area.

Since the last article the Rescue Centre has rescued two more horses and also taken in another donkey so this now makes a grand total of 57 horses, ponies and donkeys to care for plus finding the time to complete the disabled facilities for visitors as well as the building work for Faith.

Rod and Sue have just returned from visiting Faith in Granollers and are very pleased to report that she is very content and happy and is looking fabulous

2Faith has a new boyfriend, a magnificent Spanish stallion called Empereo who has also had state of the art surgery after suffering from crippling arthritis caused by bone disease to the fetlock in his right front leg.
This would be like your wrist but he has to stand on his.
He has had metal supports fitted into the bones on either side of the joint to enable him to walk again. At the moment he is in a plaster cast while it all heals.
This is one example of the amazing work that Gaspar and his associates perform at this hospital

Sue and Rod were shown around the hospital which features a state of the art lead lined room housing a special equipment dedicated to scanning the whole skeletal structure of a horse to identify any bone problems.
Faith could not be in better hands and the Rescue Centre is very fortunate to be working with such experienced people.

Faith – Diary of a heroic horse is an excellent book for children.

Sue Weeding explains - "The inspiration for this book, as already explained, came from Molly the amputee pony in the United States. Molly has gone on to become a household name in the U.S. and a symbol of hope to many children and adults who have suffered amputations. She travels around the country visiting patients in hospitals and care homes giving these people inspiration. She makes them realise that they are not different to anyone else and that anything is possible in life. I feel that Faith can do the same here in Spain".

"4We have sent a supply of books over the Atlantic to Kaye and Glen Harris, Molly's rescuers and carers who we now regard as very close friends. The proceeds from all books sold will be split 50/50 between us here at the EHCRC and Molly's foundation in the U.S."

"With tremendous cooperation and help from Tatiana, Councillor for Education at Rojales Town Council who we have worked very closely with on this and other issues, we are having the book published in Spanish which will help us educate and inspire Spanish families and their children for years to come."

Faith – Diary of a heroic horse is 29 pages in total and is available priced at just 5 Euro's from all EHCRC Charity shops and at the rescue Centre on their Sunday open days between 1pm and 5pm.

For more information about the centre and directions go to www.easyhorsecare.net or phone Sue on 652 021 980

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