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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

From Lehmans to Van Boy

Ten years ago when David Feest brought his home here on the Costa Blanca he could never have thought where it would all end. At the time he was working for Lehman brothers in the city of London and brought the property he now calls home as a place to recharge his batteries every few weeks. Even at this time he was planning his eventual move to Spain, which had always been his dream. "To me it just seemed the people where so much more relaxed than we were in the UK."
David had recently married his wife Vicky and they both dreamed of one day enjoying that relaxed way of life.

Well life has a way of changing well made plans and in 2007 when David had a heart attack it was time to rethink his future. So plans where made and in 2011 David and Vicky moved to Spain full time. Very soon after arriving Vicky found her way to the Easy Horse Care Charity shop in Quesada, the shop had only just opened a couple of days before and Volunteers were desperately being sought. When Vicky went to open the second Easy Horse Shop in La Siesta , David became her Saturday boy but even then he could not have seen where it would all end.

david3It was when the couple went to visit the centre that his life began to change. "In my past life I was taught to make money and not worry about the consequences of what we did. The end result was all that mattered. We were always told as long as we were ahead of the target don't worry about anything or anyone, they didn't matter".

When Sue took them on a tour of the centre and told them the stories of how some of the residents came to be there, David was amazed. "I still can't believe that somebody would take a hammer to a horses head and not think this is wrong"(as in the case of Bronson). "No matter what sort of upbringing or culture you come from,surely you could never think that is ok?"

This was when his life altered forever, though he always given money to charity that was his limit of being involved. However now he wanted to know what he could do to help and how he could bring his talents to the Centre.


david5He knew he would be no use working with the horses and anyone who was their on Christmas day will testify to that. In fact Harry Trotter and his friends still haven't stopped laughing at his attempts to clear their field and as for the Minis, everytime they see him they hope he will make his way in with another wheelbarrow and shovel.

During various conversations with Sue and Rod it became obvious that his talents would lie in the business side of things. David had visions and ideas of how to take the charity to the next level and in July 2012, David became a permanent part of Easy Horse. "I am very lucky in that I am able to give my time to the cause and help take the charity forward into the future, little did I know what that would mean".

As more horses arrive the need to increase the charities income becomes more important all the time and this is achieved by having five charity shops, rescue centre open days,a membership scheme and holding variousfundraising events. All of this takes managing and supporting. In fact David's role now involves being Financial manager, Fundraiser, Shop Worker, Van Driver and general dogsbody,'not forgetting that if someone needs to be dressed up to look stupid, my name always seems to be top of the list'. In fact so far in the last few months he has takien on the roles of Santa Claus,the Easter Bunny and just last week, DAVINA international catwalk model, but its all part of the job and if it helps the charity he will do it (within reason).

david2David says he has never enjoyed working as much as he does now as he feels at last what he does makes a difference.

Finally he is in the position that he can give something back and not just take,all the time. He will be the first to tell you that he is only the one that makes it work in the background,it is the people on the frontline that make the charity what it is today.

The role call is so long but he wanted to make sure the following get their mention.

Jenny, the two Karens,Pat and Vicky at the centre who make the open days fantastic. Vicky at La Zenia and Peter and Janice who take over when Vicky needs time out.Lesley and Carol at La Siesta, Jan and Pat at Quesada, Cath and Dawn at Guardamar and Jim at Montesinos.Also a mention to Suzanne who now runs the website.



david7"It has taken time to get this team together but finally the charity has a team that can take things forward and really make a difference not just to the animals we already saved but the animals we will save in the future". He added "I can only thank them and their volunteers for all their hard work and I know the animals are grateful as Dexter told me".

So if you see Santa carrying a wardrobe, the Easter bunny carrying a chest of draws or the international model 'DAVINA' carrying something light so as not to break her nails don't laugh too much as I am sure he has more dressing up clothes in his box.

Following on from last month. Excellent news we have had the results of Dolores's latest blood test and all the infection is gone, finally we are confident this beautiful old horse will survive and enjoy a few happy years of retirement.

www.easyhorsecare.net for more information on the EHCRC Foundation or please contact Sue on 652021980

Article featured in The Costa Blanca Newspaper 2013

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