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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

A Tail of two Dogs

A Tail of two Dogs

Here at the Rescue Centre over the years we have in our care we have also taken in an assortment of other animals as well as the 52 horses, ponies and donkeys. Some just left at our gate in a cardboard box, some pushed through our gate and some brought to us by local people who did not know what else to do.
Because of this - We have ended up with two Parrots, a Cockatiel, our famous double act, Ernie the Turkey and companion Isadora the Pot Bellied Pig stars in their own right on of our Open Sundays. Plus an assortment of chickens ,a cockerel, geese and not forgetting our three beautiful peacocks that soon will have a bigger area to roam when our latest rescue dog is used to and respects his feathered friends.
Not forgetting our 9 dogs and ten cats. Six of these are kittens delivered to us by mum Primrose when she decided to move in with us at Christmas and gave birth to them in one of our kitchen cupboard.
This week I would like to share with you the story of our two latest rescues Harvey and Sam.
Untitled-1Two weeks ago we had a visit by Caroline Hillamin, who was very distressed .She had come for a ten day holiday when she looked down from her balcony she saw a dog imprisoned in a small terrace area below her. It was severely malnourished with no food or water. Upon asking other residence in the apartment block about the dog she was informed that his owners no longer lived there as they had no electricity or money to pay the bill. However they would turn up now and again with anything they could get for him in a plastic bag and throw it over to him.
Obviously the dog needed help. We agreed with her if she could get the police involved and release the dog to them we would have him here at the Rescue Centre.
Encouraged by our positive response and armed with the necessary information of how to proceed the police were extremely helpful and she came back with the dog. At this point we had a lovely lady called Lesley
Richardson who was on holiday in Spain but volunteered at the Rescue Centre twice a week. She fell in love with the dog called him Harvey and has now become a permanent volunteer at the Centre and moved into our onsite caravan with him. Upon making this decision, Harvey was taken to the vet for his inoculations and microchip.
Then as we were leaving the vets a Norwegian couple called Henny and Rolf Koldal turned up with a dog they had pulled out of a canal in Donna Pepa Quesada. He was in a very bad state and they were asking if the vet could help them with him and if they could leave him there as they were not permanently in Spain there and if he survived would he be able to re-home him?
samWhen helping them carry the dog into the vets as he was too weak to walk I looked into his eyes and realised he was blind. We later found out this was caused by the serious head injuries near his eyes that obviously had never been treated and caused his eyes to ulcerate ultimately making him blind in both eyes.
I gave my telephone number to this couple and asked them and the vet to call me if they needed my help and to let me know the outcome. I could not get the image of him out of my mind and after not hearing anything for four days, I was just about to call the vet to find out if he was still alive when Henny and Rolf called me to say that the dog was ok but the vet could not find anyone to take him in. They asked me if I would give him a home as they were going back to Norway the next day and he could not stay at the vets any longer. So dog number nine we have called Sam is now a permanent resident of the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre along with Harvey and Lesley the human who also has a permanent home here with us.
"This tail of two dogs shows that one act of kindness from Caroline, (who was not prepared to look the other way as so many others do) went on to save the dog she found, a second little blind dog and a human that did not know what she was looking for, until she found Harvey at the Rescue Centre."
If you would like to meet Sam who amazingly finds his way around incredibly quickly and is a very, very happy dog or any of our other residents then please:

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We would also like to recommend the wonderful Little Pod Foundation for anyone wanting to adopt a rescue cat or dog or needing information or help to rehome abandoned cats and dogs.
For information please contact info@littlepodfoundation.com

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