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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

George now jumps for joy


People often contact us here at the rescue centre to say "We think you're doing a great job, keep up the good work"; but they then explain that they can't come to see the horses and other animals here as they would find it upsetting.
Please let us assure you that the centre is a place of great joy, happiness, and hope for the future.

All of our residents are extremely happy animals that have survived and endured throughout all of the hardships that mankind has placed before them.

So why not take the time to come and visit our beautiful equines, such as George, in their happy home.

This is George's story.

JumperGeorgeGeorge came to us in November 2009, and he's now 26 years old.

He was born in Lisbon, Portugal, on 21st April 1987 and was named "Fanny"!

He was brought to Spain when he was 3, and became a real star in the show jumping world, and even won gold medals for Valencia in 1998.

When later George developed problems with his tendons his owner, Ana Sempere, retired him from jumping and then sold him on through the livery yard where he was kept; this meant she had no idea who the new owners were.

Unfortunately, that's when George's life took a turn for the worse. The new owners continued to jump George excessively, causing his back legs to swell.



Georges TeethOne day George was participating in a fiesta when, with malnourishment he collapsed. Believed to be dead, George was loaded onto the meat lorry and ready to be taken away when he started to regain consciousness. This event was witnessed by an English family who were so horrified they bought him, and this is when he was re-named George.

However, circumstances forced them to move back to the UK leaving George to be sold on yet again. Luckily for George, when his last owners also had to go back to the UK because of the recession, they contacted us and he finally came to live here at the centre, where he will stay for the rest of his life.

We know that he was passed on from owner to owner as he grew older and was kept permanently stabled in a livery yard, where he became so bored that he started chewing his stable door. For his owners the solution to this behaviour was simple – they cut off his teeth with an electric angle grinder! Unbelievably, this horrific practice is not unusual, with many 'problem' horses being dealt with in this way.

This is why we need such amazing people like Kay Barry our Equine Dentist comes to our aid.
Kay comes regularly to the centre as all horses should have their teeth checked every 6 months, to ensure there are no infections or sharp points. She checks that none are loose, and any problems can be quickly rectified.
However, with George, as his teeth have been damaged by being grinded away along the gum line, it loosened his teeth remnants, infection entered, and the root had been destroyed. The outcome of this was that the roots had to be removed as they become infected.

"Horses are herbivores and the main part of their diet should be fibre; this comes in many forms, like hay, straw, alfalfa, and of course grass (the latter is obviously rare here in Spain). If a male horse has all its teeth it should have 44 in total; consisting of 12 incisors (front teeth), 4 canines (side), 4 woolf, 12 pre molars (first back teeth), and 12 molars (right at the back).
Horses are not born with all their teeth, just their molars. The rest follow and these are known as their baby teeth. They then start to get their adult teeth at the age of approximately 2.5 years. By the age of 5, a horse will have all their adult teeth; as the teeth are worn they then erupt through the gum so are continually replacing the worn down section of the tooth."

Like humans, all horses can develop a variety of dental problems that is why we recommend to horse owners to have regular check up with Equine Dentists like Kay who offer a variety of dental services. (To contact Kay call 618508056)

georgeThese days George lives permanently outside as, not only does he prefer to, but it is also better for his joint problem as he can move around freely. He shares his paddock with two youngsters, Chulo and Moses, but George is definitely top horse! Nowadays, the only time George jumps is when he chooses to "jump to attention" when his feed is being brought to him, ensuring that he, as head of the herd, gets fed before the two youngsters.

Last year George was re-united with Ana, who is now a Spanish teacher of equine studies in Elche; on one of his visits our farrier, Enrique, thought he recognised George and went to tell Ana. She in turn came to the centre, not really believing it could be him, as she was told he'd been dead for several years. Imagine her amazement when she saw him and after an emotional re-union, Ana commented that this is a wonderful place for horses like George to end up and wished that all horses could go somewhere like this. She also told us that when she rode George over a jump, it was like flying. It certainly made her think about the consequences of selling on a horse, and what happens to them.

George is just one of many rescues that we have taken in here at EHCRC who, in their prime, have been top of their profession, be it dressage, show jumping, eventing etc. Sadly, nobody wants them when they can no longer perform; they have become a "disposable" item. But here at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, we give them back their dignity and make sure they feel loved and secure.

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Article published in THE COSTA BLANCA NEWSPAPER Feb 2013

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