Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

Spanish TV comes to Easy Horse

2012 Nov - Canal 9 came to the Rescue Centre as RTUU Guampi arrived to film what happens at EHCRC. This is an extremely popular television show on Spanish TV which looks at what goes on in the animal world in the Valencia region and picks up on stories about animals. We sometimes forget that many Spanish people do a great deal for all animals, despite some of the cruel tales we hear, and their heartstrings are pulled just like ours when they hear and see the sufferings people can inflict on animals. The programme makers had been filming at the Clinica Veterinaria San Vicente animal hospital in Alicante when a chance conversation with Manuel Rodriguez, a vet at the hospital, and Enrique, a farrier who works both there and with EHCRC told them of the work the Centre does. The programme makers had no idea the Centre existed and the wonderful work it does in rescuing horses (and sometimes other animals) in serious distress and so they got in touch to come down, take a look, and do some filming. On the day the sun shone and some of the mud had dried so Ximo Carbonell, the cameraman, was able to film without falling over. He explained his grandmother was an ardent fan of the programme and looked forward to each episode. Sue, who with her husband Rod had started the Centre, explained what Easy Horse sets out to achieve. By becoming a foundation the EHCRC can now raise a membership list to lobby local, national and international agencies and politicians, and take the message of what is being done to horses and other animals to a much wider audience. The process of explaining to people about proper animal welfare often involves dealing with unintentional cruelties; people sometimes mistreat animals through apparent ignorance and not wilful intent. Mark Wood, an assistant to the programme, made that point and we should not just be pointing our fingers at wrongdoers but help to deal with their mistakes. Dorothea, the vet who does so much incredible specialised work with the damaged and often traumatised horses spoke of the difficult tasks involved when handling creatures that could be seriously ill, undernourished or injured. This is not like looking after a horse in the normal way but requires special care and attention, all of which does not come cheaply. Miranda, who works as the public relations officer for Easy Horse, went on to explain some of the more recent rescues and what the Centre is trying to achieve in reaching out not only to the expatriates but also the local community. Her multi-lingual skills certainly come in handy as the Centre tries to take its message to many nationalities. We often forget that in the UK horses are usually seen outdoors so it can be easier to spot problems with animal care. In Spain, with the climate differences, horses can be shut away and not be seen. Several rescues have involved animals shut away in makeshift stables, garages or run down houses. It takes time and patience to reach these animals.
Ana Bisca, who organises the programme, was certainly impressed with the work of the Centre and was really interested in returning to the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre when Faith comes back. Just to remind readers, this is the little horse that has had a part artificial leg fitted to replace the limb that was injured.
Sue Weeding spoke at the end of the visit-"Today I feel we've moved forward yet again working with the Spanish people. The TV crew were delightful, animal lovers. The visit went exceprionally well. Something good has happened today".
Watch it Online http://www.rtvv.es/va/guamipi/Guamipi-Cap_13_834046589.html

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