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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

Weekly Bulletin December 4th

Little Miracle when we found her

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Hello everyone,
Isn’t it amazing how quickly the weeks fly by? Now we’re in to December and are looking forward to seeing many of you here at our third annual Christmas Carol Evening on Tuesday 6th. We’ve already been tasting the mince pies! This year we even have Father Christmas coming, joined by our mini reindeers of whom we are really hoping will behave themselves in the grotto – we’re still desperately looking for one pair of last year’s antlers that seems to have been misplaced! Hopefully they haven’t been eaten by Isadora the pig...
We hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter.

Rod and Sue Weeding

Panic as Pergolide is stripped from the shelves

CharlieAll of us at the centre were left panicking last week as vital drug Pergolide became unavailable in Spain. Pergolide is a drug that is used to treat Parkinson’s Disease, Tourette’s Syndrome, and Hyperprolactinemia in humans however it is also used in veterinary practice, mainly for horses who have the condition Cushing’s disease. Here at the Rescue Centre both Charlie, who has Cushing’s disease, and Cookie require Pergolide on a daily basis to help control blood flow and insulin levels. Until a couple of weeks ago Pergolide was available at the local pharmacies, but now all Pergolide users across Spain have to look at countries such as the UK to purchase the drug from.
A new form of the drug has been developed, so all Pergolide was stripped from the shelves. The worst part is the new drug has not yet been released, so there is no access to any form of the medication across Spain. Even our friends at the Clinica Equihealth in Barcelona where Faith is currently being treated have been forced to purchase from the UK.
When we realised the problem many members of our team including our equine vet Dorothea were frantically scouring all of the pharmacies in the hope of finding Pergolide. Thankfully Sue went to the UK last week but it still wasn’t easy to obtain the Pergolide. Amazingly, once again it was our farrier and friend Tony who came to the rescue and helped us to get hold of the vital medication using his contacts within an English veterinary practice. We all breathed a sigh of relief when Sue returned with the vital medication in her hand luggage!

Malibu and Moses

MosesWhen we rescued five Arab horses from a semi-wild herd in late 2008 one of the youngsters, Moses, found a new home with our ABRS examiner and friends Margaret and John in the Aora Valley. There Margaret schooled young Moses and rode him regularly alongside their own horse, Hercules.
It wasn’t until about 7 weeks ago that Moses finally returned to the Centre and was back in the company of his Arab family and friends. He was, in a sense, ‘swapped’ with our popular Connemara pony Malibu who came to the Centre at a similar time to Moses Moses and Katrinaand suffers from COPD (an allergy to dust). Malibu had been used previously by the Pony Club but was found to be a little too mischievous and strong, so we felt that the best thing for Malibu would be a one-to-one relationship with Margaret which he desperately longed for. Malibu’s COPD would also benefit from him being in the Aora Valley, being far less dusty than here in Rojales.
Following the transportation of Moses back to the Centre and Malibu to Margaret’s, Moses has settled back in but is a very nervous, feisty horse. Katrina had been determined to ride Moses however the rain and flooding prevented this, only until earlier this week when Moses got into the school for some lungeing and a short ride.
Malibu, however, sounds as if he’s having the time of his life. Margaret came to visit us this week and told us of how he’s enjoying his days with Hercules grazing in his field, and that she’s riding Malibu into the local town. We’re all so happy for Malibu now he has a loving home, and Katrina’s dream now is to pick up where Margaret left off and continue to work with Moses under the guidance of Margaret and her many years of experience in instructing and eventing!

Cookie's on the mend!

CookieA couple of weeks ago we started Cookie’s third maggot treatment. Since then, Cookie has had the sterile maggots removed and we have been monitoring her progress.
On removal of the maggots both hooves looked fantastic – both were clean, fresh, and amazingly her right hoof (which appeared to be clear of infection even on application of the third sterile maggots) had a small pink patch of regeneration! The next step was then to allow the cavities to dry out, where we applied her ‘UGG boots’ made using Shires breathable bandage pads, which are normally used under bandages to protect pressure points on the legs when exercising a horse, and cohesive bandages to allow air to access the hooves.
Now the cavities in Cookie’s hooves have been thoroughly sealed with hoof putty, which hardens to create a waterproof seal and protects regrowth. She is now walking around the yard once again with her friend Little Miracle enjoying the mud and puddles remaining after the rain.
We have found that the sterile maggot treatment is hugely successful in Cookie’s case, seeing an unbelievable amount of progress in that little horse’s hooves. We would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone who has a horse suffering a similar issue.

Think this winter!

Just a quick reminder that now the weather’s becoming colder both here in Spain and especially for those of you in the UK, it’s time again to think of the little critters out there! Some simple seeds and nuts for the birds can make a big difference and keep them fed during the colder months..

Just because we think it's funny............

After experiencing the recent terrential rain here at the Centre we had to crack out the petrol water pump in an attempt to pump the water from the garden and the almost overflowing pond. After succeeding to an extent, the most difficult part of the day was trying to roll the neverending red pump tube back into a coil neat enough for Rod to approve! After about 40 minutes of failed attempts, we managed to persuade Brad to get in the middle of the coil and wrapped the tube around him. Genius! Here's a picture for you all to have a good giggle at.

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