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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

Bronson, a walking miracle

Bronson's big day outAn urgent phone call from the police lead to the rescue of Bronson, a beautiful young Spanish stallion  found staggering close to a road in Almoradi  back in October of last year.
The reason for his lack of balance became clear only after he had collapsed and we managed to get close enough to view his injuries.
He had a huge hole above his left eye and was losing blood. With the help of our equine vet Dorothea we managed to stabilise him enough to be able to transport him to the rescue centre.
X-rays revealed that he had a fracture running from above his eye, across to his ear and all the way down to his jaw. Shockingly, fragments of  metal were found in the wound, it appeared that someone had tried to kill him with a hammer!

Bronson spent a week in intensive care, he had to be double tied so that he wouldn't fall over and dislodge the drips that were keeping him alive those first days.

It has been a slow recovery for him, and although he has regained his strength and the fractures are healing, the damage to his inner ear and the part of the brain that controls the left side of his body are permanent. It means that his balance is affected and his vision is impaired, but Bronson is learning to adapt to his problems and although when he gets excited he still falls over sometimes he his one of the kindest, happiest horses you could meet.

Being a stallion, probably kept stabled 24/7 and only brought out for servicing the mares it is unlikely that he has ever been allowed to have any natural contact with other horses. And although he has been free to walk around parts of the stable yard each day for the last few months it became obvious that he was desperate to join his stable mates as they went out to their paddocks everyday and so a few weeks ago Bronson had the big snip!

Following his friend Faith's departure for Barcelona last week Bronson has been looking a little depressed,  although we weren't even sure that he would be able to cope with the walk to the paddocks we made the " now or never" decision to take him out of the yard to his very own paddock. We just hoped that we would be able to get him back once he saw the mares!

His nerves when first leaving the safety of the yard, quickly changed to wonderment and excitement at this amazing new experience. With hardly a wobble he walked to his paddock calling out to all his friends, who in turn called back to him.

With our breath held we released him into his paddock and watched in amazement as Bronson, this horse who has fought his way back from death's door galloped and bucked all the way around his field. He didn't  fall over, in fact watching him you wouldn't have known that he had any balance problems at all.

He then put on a fine display of " look at me girls " for the mares in the next field, who were very impressed  at his prowess.

This was our other worry, thankfully the " snip " seemed to have worked and although there was a few minutes of excited snorts and squeals all soon calmed down.
Remembering the horrific state Bronson was in when he was rescued we felt as if we were witnessing a miracle.
The feeling of happiness we felt at his happiness that day will stay with us forever.
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