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Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

2011 Urgent Appeal "Keeping Faith"

Only last month we reported how well Faith was responding to the stem cell treatment
on her injured leg. Now, following x-rays vet Dorthea sadly confirmed that part of her canon bone has died.

Without surgery Faith will die.

The thought of having to put this little horse to sleep has come as a real shock. Apart from her injured leg she is perfectly healthy and living a happy life here with all her friends.

It had been a great start to our year here at the Rescue Centre watching Faith taking her first tiny steps to what we thought would be a slow and steady recovery, we are all devastated at the thought of losing her.

Dorothea said the only hope of saving Faith's life is to amputate the lower part of her leg and fit an artificial limb. However, this surgery is extremely rare and complicated as the majority of a horses weight is carried by the front legs. She knew it had never been performed before here in Spain, but after speaking to Barcelona based specialist vet Gasper who performed life saving surgery on one of our other mini's Cookie last year, there might be hope for Faith.

It had been groundbreaking surgery on Cookie when he operated on her front hooves to reposition the pedal bones that had been damaged by laminitis.
Looking at Cookie now and how successful her operation has been we know that although Gasper has only ever amputated the hind legs of horses, he will be Faith's best hope for survival.

Researching further into the possibility of an amputation lead to the discovery of a truly inspirational pony called Molly.

She is an amazing little pony who like Faith, suffered an horrendous injury to her front leg. This after being rescued from hurricane Katrina!

Following the amputation of her injured leg she was fitted with a prosthetic one, complete with a stamp of a smiley face on the bottom so that where ever she goes she leaves a hoof print with a smile in the centre!

It is five years down the line for Molly and she continues to thrive. She has become something of an ambassador over in America where she tours the country visiting adults and children who have suffered emotional and physical difficulties.

Read her full story at www.mollythepony.com

We have been in touch with Molly's owners Kaye and Glenn Harris, to discuss the prospect of operating on Faith and they are extremely positive and supportive.

Gasper has contacted the vet who amputated Molly's leg and has been discussing the technicalities of the amputation and the fitting of the artificial limb. He is positive that he can successfully perform the surgery.

Although Gasper will be giving his time freely the cost of the surgery, after care and prosthetic limb is likely to be around 8000 euros.

It is a great deal of money, way beyond our means here at the Rescue Centre. With 35 horses, donkeys and ponies the daily costs alone are a permanent struggle, as we are a non funded charity we are reliant on the efforts of our fundraisers and supporters.

We have launched "Faith's Appeal," and hope that the fundraising events planned over the next month along with finding new sponsors for Faith will raise the money needed to send her to Barcelona before time runs out for her.

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