Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

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Weight: 20.00kg

Price: €18.00

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We feed all of our horses on Fast Fibre, a specialist high fibre, low starch and low sugar feed, boosted with essential vitamins and minerals. Fast Fibre can be quickly soaked and is suitable for our many horses suffering long-term problems, including dental issues, laminitis and Cushing's syndrome, as a result of past abuse and neglect.

A small €18 donation is enough for us to buy an entire bag of Fast Fibre. Thank you for helping feed our horses.

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