Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

The people who help make this all possible

We are blessed to be surrounded by a group of hard-working equine specialists, volunteers and sponsors, without whom our animal welfare work would not be possible. We are so grateful for their support and would like to publicly acknowledge them here.

Are you interested in becoming an official sponsor or partner? Please email rescue@easyhorsecare.net to discuss how we can collaborate.


Jett in May 2015 photo by Elaine Warnock


Our equine health specialists

Dorothea Dudli von Dewitz, equine veterinarian

Dorothea is our official veterinarian and provides every one of our rescued horses, ponies and donkeys with an extremely high level of care, right here at our rescue centre. Dorothea is also on call 24/7 for emergencies and has come to our rescue with sick equines too many times to count.

Enrique, master farrier

Enrique is our official farrier, who deftly handles the many complicated cases and specialist shoeing solutions required by our rescued equines – many of whom went without proper hoof care for years. Enrique visits once every three weeks and often handles more than 20 animals each visit. He's a swift yet thorough operator.

Sergio Soler, specialist equine dentist

Sergio is a highly trained specialist equine dentist, who we call upon to handle any extremely difficult and unusual cases that require expert knowledge and equipment. It's taken us a long while to find a dental surgeon like Sergio in our local area. We used to have to call an expert dentist from Barcelona – Sergio has actually been trained by this same dentist, so we know our equines are in very good hands.

The Alicante horse hospital team

The Hospital Veterinario San Vicente – better known to us as the Alicante horse hospital – is the place we send our horses when they become seriously ill and need the kind of specialist veterinary care that only a dedicated facility can provide. We are so grateful to Nacho and his team for frequently offering us a charity discount to help ease the burden of large veterinary bills.

Gasper Castelijns, specalist equine veterinarian

Gasper is a skilled Dutch veterinarian living near Barcelona, who served Spain’s 2012 equestrian Olympic team. Whenever we are faced with rescued equines suffering extremely challenging and rare veterinary problems, we make the nine-hour drive north to Barcelona with our horse float to Gasper's Equihealth Veterinarian Clinic, where they are given the best specialist care available in Spain. We have Gasper to thank for Faith the pony's successful leg amputation and prosthetic leg fitting.




Our volunteer media team

Koren Helbig, media manager

Koren is an Australian freelance writer and editor who lived in Alicante for four years. She helps tell our story across a range of mediums, including press releases, newsletters, social media updates and this website, and takes photographs for us, too.

Volunteer media officers

Helping us share our message to a wider audience are our volunteer media officers, Nicole Lutz and Kate Le Gallez. Nicole, an Australian freelance writer, is responsible for crafting our newsletters and writing horse stories. Kate, also an Australian freelance writer, handles our press releases and crafts horse stories, too.

Saskia Deneuve, graphic designer

Saskia is a British graphic designer living in the Alicante province. She creates many of our materials and products, including our logo, flyers and children's books.

Volunteer photographers

Eckhard Strittmater of Miraud Photography is a German-born photographer. While based in Alicante in 2015 and 2016, Eckhard took a series of beautiful images of our horses, which are featured across our website, in our (sold out!) 2017 calendar and across a range of fundraising posters and greeting cards available for purchase at our monthly open days.

Elaine Warnock left North Ireland to start a new life in Spain in 2005. Photography was just a hobby but quickly became a profession, with Elaine photographing many Spanish weddings, confirmations, portraits and local musicians. After an illness in 2014, photography again became a hobby, concentrating on wildlife, birds and landscapes. Elaine joined Easy Horse Care in early 2017, aiming to share our rescued horses' plight to the public through photographs that show the scars of brutal treatment but also the happy, content and safe lives that these animals now enjoy.

Volunteer web designers

Jennifer Talbot of eNET Computers is a British-born web designer living in the Alicante province, who has helped update and maintain our website over many years. She is now assisted by Australian freelance journalist Koren Helbig and Italian physiotherapist Carmelo Scavone.

Volunteer Spanish translators

We are grateful to a small team of volunteer English-to-Spanish translators who help create the Spanish version of our website. They include Kathryn Walsh, Kimmy Costa, Nieves Sala Aguilar, Patricia Terres Fernandez and Raul Gonzálvez. Translations were previously edited by Isabel Sodric and are currently edited by Barbara Warren


Isabel Sodric and Carmelo Scavone with Crystal photo Koren Helbig


Our key supporters, sponsors and partners

Elaine Sissons

Elaine is a tireless supporter who is always coming up with new personal challenges to help raise money for our rescue centre. Since 2014, Elaine has jumped out a plane for her 60th birthday and climbed the gruelling 26-mile Yorkshire Three Peaks, raising more than €1600 in the process. Based in the UK, Elaine also volunteers in our La Zenia charity shop when visiting Spain.

Heather van Elkan

Heather started as a volunteer bucket washer in our stables in 2013 and is now a key volunteer in our charity shops and on our open days. She loves spreading the word about our centre and regularly fires off emails to all kinds of people, hoping that one day the right one will land and we will become famous!

Kate Cammish

Kate has been a staunch supporter ever since she helped us rescue Sancho Panza the donkey back in 2013. Kate regularly rallies a talented group of crafty women via her business, Kate's Crafts and Quilting, to make all sorts of beautiful handmade crafts that she sells as fundraisers. She's helped us countless times when we've been in need, buying us a new washing machine for the stables, helping us fundraise for fencing, and much more.

Kate Jansen

Kate is a long-term supporter who has donated thousands of euros over the years. In the early days, Kate bought many of the horses we saved, as back then police weren’t on our side and convincing owners to sell us their equines was the only way we could get them out of these hellholes. Kate has also funded many big-ticket items for us, including the van we use to pick up and deliver furniture for our charity shops. Kate and her twin sister Solvi – who sadly passed away from cancer – helped us get out of some very tight spots in the early days. We owe so much to the incredible generosity of these wonderful women.

Linda Michelle Torr and Paul Torr of Cookeze

Sister and brother team Linda Michelle Torr and Paul Torr jointly own the catering company Cookeze, and generously donate much of the food we sell to raise money during our open days. The pair has supported us almost from day one, donating many of the wooden pallets that we still use today as walls for our stables. Linda and Paul also have several rescued horses of their own.

Louise Brandley of Looking Good Boutique

Louise Brandley from Orihuela's Looking Good Boutique has generously supported us since our very first day, and continues to regularly hold popular fashion shows to help fundraise for our rescue centre. Louise has raised thousands of euros for our centre over the years and we couldn't be more grateful for her ongoing support.


Bronson 10th April 2017 132 photo Elaine Warnock


Interested in becoming an official sponsor or partner? Please email rescue@easyhorsecare.net to discuss how we can collaborate.

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